Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sometimes Ignorance is bliss...

In January I had the good fortune to go to St. Petersburg (South Pasadena specifically) for a week. It was cold and rainy the whole week.   A "wind shear" toppled a gas station overhang on top of a woman in a car, fortunately she was not hurt.  This was about four miles from where we were at.

 Last week I flew down  to drive back with my husband who was all ready there for a week and a half.  On Thursday they had what the locals told me was the worst storm in 20 years! (not counting hurricanes).  Unbelievable winds and rain!  I knew it was bad but I was told "the news always follows storms all day like this".  So I didn't know how bad the storm really was until friends and relatives started calling to see if we were safe.

It was hard to believe that the next day was absolutely beautiful! We went to Dunedin to visit relatives and walk at Honeymoon State Park beach.

Perfect last day to spend in Florida. :)



  1. Bohemian:

    I'll take the earthquakes in California any day over those storms in Florida.

  2. Weather is an amazing force, nice photo to end it on.

  3. Dunedin, Florida is obviously experiencing rather different weather from Dunedin, New Zealand. We're into autumn here. Nice photos.

  4. can't say your vacation wasn't adventurous beyond what you had planned!